Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions for our 3 HR EXOTIC CAR EXPERIENCE

If you don’t find an answer below or in each of our categories, please feel free to call one of our professional representatives. We love helping our customers!

Why Ultimate Exotics 3 HR Experience?

The 3 HR Exotic Car Experience is a great option for another 5 star experience for a half day option with value in mind.  You get to drive on a 3 hour event with 3-5 exotic cars, while getting to drive and switch every car at equal checkpoints.

Others have tried to duplicate this experience and failed. Nothing compares to our customized route, selection of un paralleled cars and #1 ratings on Trip Advisor, Google and Facebook. Did we mention that we received the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Certificate of Excellence Award Winner on Tripadvisor!!

How much is it for a passenger?

Everyone on the 3 HR  Experience has equal opportunity to drive as drivers and passengers are rotating equally. If you decide not to drive or to be a passenger, it is still an equally priced seat, similar to a sporting event seat. All experiences are priced per person.

If you are a couple and one does not want to drive, the other would get double driving time!

If purchasing for two or adding a passenger, simply add 2 on the quantity for book now or buy gift.

Are the cars automatic or manual?

All cars can be set to fully F1 paddle shift or fully automatic. In the exotic car world, manual transmissions are considered an outdated technology. If you have ever driven a true paddle shift on a supercar you will totally get it!

What cars are on the experience? Do I get to pick the day of?

Ultimate Exotics lists up to 5 cars for the 3 HR Experience. We aim to always run our top 3-5 cars per event and these are already ready for you when you arrive for your event. Our 3 HR  Experience fleet is Ferrari, Audi R8, McLaren, GTR, Tesla and Corvette Z51. The Lamborghini is only available on the 5 HR VIP Experience.

In the rare case of a circumstance out of our control, we may have to substitute an exotic in or out due to safety or emergency maintenance. (example: flat tire or fluid leak) Your event may also include a free new exotic upgrade as we are always upgrading our supercars each season.

I want to book a July or August date, I don’t see it yet?

All of our dates are posted gradually through our software online. We currently have April and May available and once these fill up we will add each month to make all the bookings equal opportunity for all of our clients.

The 3HR Experience runs a couple times per week based on availability. This experience also has very limited weekend options as most are booked on the 5 HR VIP.

Like us on Facebook as we will post when we release each months dates to the public so you can book right away if you have a date or month preference. This way you don’t have to keep on checking our website.

What are the requirements?

Drivers must be 21 years or older with a valid G license, Int’l license or any valid drivers license from another country. There is a small pre authorized security deposit that is fully refundable of $2500 per person on a Visa, MasterCard. This is not a charge but simply a security and safety measure as our fleet is in excellent condition. Passengers not driving do not need a license or deposit.

I want to purchase, what should I do?

Now that you’re ready, awesome! Simply click on the Book Now button and follow the simple steps if you are ready to book today.

If you would like to buy a gift ( most of our packages are gifts! ) simply click the buy gift or gift packages button and follow the simple steps. You will get the option to email the gift certificate to yourself to keep it a surprise or the recipient in case of a last minute gift. You can also upload your own image with our modern website software and select the option for us to mail you a gift package.

Our simple gift packages include the link and information for the recipient to book at their convenience to keep it easy as possible.

Do I get to drive all the cars?

YES, you are guaranteed to drive every car on your specific event. We will rotate at equal checkpoints along the event. The 3 HR Experience will include 3-5 exotics which are listed on the 3 HR Page. The 3 HR Experience does not include the Lamborghini. If you would like to unlock the Lamborghini and double the experience, see 5 HR VIP Experience.

The Ferrari is my favourite, am I guaranteed to drive it?

We reserve the right to substitute cars under circumstances beyond our control. In the rare event, a specific car may be unavailable due to maintenance or damage which we cannot predict. Ultimate Exotics has a fleet of exotics and will always make it our priority to ensure the best experience possible for our valued clients.

How fast can we drive?

The 3 HR Experience is on a brisk pace.  This is one of our most popualar experiences for many reasons and we will do our best to guarantee an unforgettable event while maintaining a safe environment!

I have a group, can we get a deal?

YES, if you organize a group event of 5+ you qualify for corporate rates. We specialize in corporate events and also offer groups rates to public that want to book in larger numbers to save money. The benefits for a group of 10+ is that you can pick your own exclusive date that will not be open to the public. We can also custom tailor an event for your group or team.

How long is the experience?

Our 3 HR Experiences are 3 hours. We have morning schedules from 9am-12pm and afternoon schedules from 1-4pm based on availability.

When are the experiences?

3 HR Events are from 9am-12pm and 1-4pm. We can run the events 1-2 weekdays  a week from May 1 to November 15th each season, give or take a few weeks depending on weather. This experience is not available on weekends.

What happens if it the date does not fill up?

Under the circumstance your reserved date not fully sell out, we will still run the event with 3 cars which nobody else offers!

Unlike our competitors, we don’t advertise high end cars and tell you they aren’t available on your scheduled event when you show up. We always run the cars listed on our specific experience page.

What happens if it rains?

If the weather is not perfect, the event will continue. If there is a condition that is deemed a threat to safety by Ultimate Exotics, another date will be provided. All the cars are equipped with performance tires for wet and dry conditions.

Can we purchase gift packages?

YES, if you would like to buy a gift ( most of our packages are gifts! ) simply click the buy gift button and follow the simple steps. You will get the option to email the gift certificate to yourself to keep it a surprise or the recipient in case of a last minute gift. Don’t worry the amount paid never expires on our gift packages.

Our simple gift packages include the link and information for the recipient to book at their convenience to keep it easy as possible.

How many other drivers will be on the experience?

These experiences can accommodate up to 10 drivers. Every participant will always have equal opportunity to drive 3-5 cars depending on your specific event. If there are less than 6 booked for an event, we will still run the event and adjust the amount of cars to fit the group size.

Is lunch included on this experience?

Lunch is not included on the 3 HR as there is limited time. This is only available on the 5 HR VIP Experience.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

YES, we encourage this by promoting discounts for 2 people. All participants on these experience pay per person. If you want to join or pay for an additional family member or friend that will not be driving, it is an equally priced option.

I have a gift certificate from a 3rd party, can I use this towards the experience?

YES, simply provide proof of the card or voucher and it can be used as an upgrade to our most popular experience.

What is the rescheduling and refund policy?

Vouchers and gift certificates are not refundable, although can be transferred.  Your paid value will never expire! Once a date has been chosen, you can reschedule:
–  3 weeks prior to the date of the 3 HR Experience. If you cannot make it, your booking can be transferred to a friend or family member.

If you do not show up for a scheduled date, unless you received prior notice from customer service you will lose your booking and your voucher will become void.

I have an expired voucher, what can I do?

Dollar value vouchers to not expire. Experience vouchers are valid from one year of purchase. To keep raising the bar, we decided to offer a 30% fee on any expired vouchers as we want you to come out and have a great time!

Due to limited weather and supercars, our experiences are very rare and we can only sell a specific amount per season. If you cannot book your event that year, they are fully transferable.