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Why Ultimate Exotics

Bringing a rare and thrilling exotic car experience to Canada, was the mission when we started Ultimate Exotics. As car enthusiasts, we always wanted to have a chance to drive our dream car – just once, but we were hard-pressed to find anyone that offered anything to get excited about. Quite frankly, the competitive landscape was barren. Serving the market was step one, dominating the market was the goal. Ultimate Exotics has earned its reputation for owning the highest quality fleet of exotic cars and keeping them all in immaculate condition. Our customer service professionals have ensured that we consistently rank the highest on Trip Advisor for service in the exotic car market. We understand that it is a dream come true for most of us to drive an exotic car – we make those dreams come true every day!

Proven Track Record

For years, integrity, safety and having the best possible time on four-wheels is what we have been known for delivering. We do not believe in showing cars that you can’t drive, or experiences you can’t have. Our showroom is open year-round, Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm, where we dare you to lay your hands on our cars and not book an experience. Our entire fleet is corporately owned, maintained and available for you to experience. We have a 100% zero claims record and plan on keeping it this way. In over six thousand successful events, that is something we take price in.

Safety & Security

Your safety and security are of critical importance to Ultimate Exotics. We are fully licensed and insured. We do not hide this fact from our insurance company – We race and tour supercars. We do pay a premium for it but we would rather have it this way. All experiences start with a review of safety rules and tutorials for each supercar. Your professional instructors will take you through each car’s performance, handling features and driving tips to ensure the best experience possible. Our 3 and 5 HR Experiences are so popular we have a dedicated fleet that is specifically used on them that are not rented or tracked. All other companies track and rent their experience cars, leaving them in less than ideal condition and higher risk for safety concerns.


Some might not think of value when thinking about exotic cars, but at Ultimate Exotics, we offer it. Not only do we offer the latest, mint-condition supercars for your pleasure, but we will beat any competitors offer for the same experience.

The "Big Guys" Use Us

When fortune 500 and the some of the most well known businesses look for corporate events that deliver excitement and motivation, they call Ultimate Exotics. Some of our current clients include:

TD, RBC, Microsoft, Nissan Canada, Poker Stars, Toronto Maple Leafs, Gerrie Electric, Investors Group and many more on our growing team of guests.


Straight forward and upfront. No hidden fees. Prices are listed on our website, plain and simple. For 95% of the public, owning a supercar is a little out of reach, but with so many different exotic car experiences to choose from, we think we’ve got it covered. From 5 HR VIP Experiences, Corporate Events to Track Day Experiences, we have the thrill of a lifetime waiting. We are so confident in our experiences that we have a “Money Back Guarantee” If anyone you purchase a gift for does not love it, we will offer a full refund within 7 days of purchase, no questions asked. (terms and conditions apply)

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