Why Ultimate Exotics?

We started this business to provide a rare and exciting exotic car experience in Canada. When we looked at companies offering exotic cars and their reviews, we didn’t find one worth a phone call. Ultimate Exotics has earned a reputation for owning the highest quality fleet of exotic cars that are in excellent condition. Combining this with professional service and staff has made us the premier business of choice. Our customer service and trip advisor ratings are the highest rated in the exotic car market as we strive to fully satisfy our new and repeat customers. We understand that it is a dream come true for most of us to drive an exotic car – we make those dreams come true every day!

  • Legitimacy

    We have a full time office and showroom and invite everyone to come and check out see for themselves Mon-Fri 9-5pm, all year round. We use our very own pictures on our website. No Google photography here. Unlike other companies, we believe you should not be misled with cars that do not exist. We do not have private owners renting cars, borrow or share with other companies, we own them all and maintain them on a strict schedule. Have you ever researched another exotic car business with no show room or full time office? That’s because they don’t have one and may be operating out of their basement, advertising with cars they don’t even have. We have a mint condition fleet of cars that are available in our full time office and showroom all year round! DO NOT take your chances on the other misled companies with false advertising and bad reviews!

  • Security

    We are fully licensed and insured. We do not hide the facts to our insurance company that we rent, race and tour exotic cars. We do pay a premium for it but we would rather have it this way. We have a fully secure website with an online store available 24/7.

    Our website has our policies and pricing out in the open, no surprises, plain and simple.

    Our customers and reviews verify our customer service is the top rated in the exotic car business. #1 in Canada, #1 on Trip Advisor!!

    We own all of our cars. We maintain our cars. We are car guys who love cars.

  • Value

    Some might not think of value when thinking exotic cars but we understand the business and are proud to be the only business of its kind offering a low price guarantee. Look at the competitions cars (if they exist) and look at ours, you will be glad you did. Ultimate Exotics has a new fleet of cars that are in mint condition, can anyone else say that?

  • Fun

    Were in this business because we love cars, each of our employees has a passion for cars and are all car enthusiasts. We want to extend this to all of our customers. It shows when you truly love what you do.

  • Pricing

    Straight forward and upfront. No hidden fees. Prices are listed on our website, plain and simple. Let’s face it, not everyone has the opportunity to rent these exotics for days at a time and this is where we shine. We have many exotic car experiences to try for any budget, full 24 hour rentals and our best value our exotic car tours. Getting married soon? We also have customized wedding packages available.