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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions & POLICIES for our top-rated ULtimate VIP Experience

If you don’t find an answer below or in each of our categories, please feel free to call one of our professional representatives. We love helping our customers!

How much is it for a passenger, can I bring someone with me?

All experiences are priced per seat/person. All participants have the opportunity to drive as there are 10-12 checkpoints along our route. If you want to purchase for 2 and the other cannot or does not want to drive, the benefit is that you or the driver will then receive double the driving time at the odd checkpoints. Purchasing for two and only having one drive the entire time is very common with couples and pairs on the experiences.

If you book or gift a single person, they will be paired up with another paying participant on the experience. We are encouraging pairs from the same household or bubble by providing additional discounts for any qty of 2 or more with a $50 or more discount on top of our sale price.

If purchasing for two or adding a passenger, simply add 2 on the quantity for the book now or buy gift button.

How do I redeem my voucher?

You simply click on our redeem section and select your experience that you have on your pre paid voucher. You will enter your voucher code and then select a date/time for your experience. You will receive an email booking confirmation with full details when complete.

How has Covid-19 affected this?

We have exceeded recommendations with additional cleaning measures, hand sanitizers, optional face masks and disposable gloves for all of our guests. We have an industry first "complete clean guarantee" with all of our cars in a multi stage sanitization before each experience and more. We are running 2 guests per car as usual and recommending booking in pairs from the same bubble or family. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable or concerned, you do not need to book and can redeem your voucher next year. We are extending all vouchers for free. If you are already booked in and would like to switch a date, please give us 2 weeks minimum to reschedule.


Are the cars automatic or manual?

All cars can be set to fully F1 paddle shift or fully automatic. In the exotic car world, manual transmissions are considered an outdated technology. The benefit of this is that everyone can drive these regardless of skill to make this experience available for everyone.

How does the 6 HR VIP Experience work?

You can book from a number of 1-12 drivers/guests and get to drive a variety of our top supercars at a low fraction of a rental car cost. You will get to be a driver and passenger along many checkpoints and photo stops along our professional route. You will be driving the cars and our staff will lead in a separate vehicle and help at checkpoints, take photos and make an awesome experience. Think of this like a supercar rally through the best mountain and country roads and sampling most of the cars we have, almost like a fruit punch of supercars. This all inclusive experiences includes cars, insurance, training, tutorials, bottled water, premium lunch at halfway, espresso/cappucino's and more. This is an award winning experience that brings in thousands from all over the world each year. 

What cars are on the 6 HR VIP Experience?

Our 6 HR VIP Fleet for 2020 is awesome as usual!

Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Ferrari 458, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Porsche 911 Turbo, Mercedes Benz AMG GTS, Nissan GTR, BMW i8 and more. Check out our 6 HR VIP Page for updated photos and more!


How fast can we drive?

The Ultimate VIP Experience offers a very exciting and safe experience.  This is one of the most immersive experiences available for many reasons – foremost being a complete supercar experience. We also want to ensure the laws are being followed at all times and do not want to condone anything illegal. We will always do our best to guarantee an unforgettable event while maintaining a safe environment. We have a 5 star rating and have hosted over 20,000 guests. Our award winning experiences always deliver true excitement!

Do I get to drive all the cars?

YES, you are guaranteed to drive every car available on your specific event. We will rotate at equal checkpoints along the event. The 6-Hour VIP Experience will include 5 to 7 exotics which are listed on the 6-Hour Page.  Due to our ridged maintenance schedules, if a car is not available, Ultimate Exotics reserves the right to replace any car with a replacement at their own discretion.

The Lamborghini is my favourite, will I get to drive it?

Majority of our experiences have the exact same cars and it is very likely. Although rare, we reserve the right to substitute cars under circumstances beyond our control. In the rare event, a specific car may be unavailable due to maintenance or damage which we cannot predict. Ultimate Exotics has a fleet of exotics and will always make it our priority to ensure the best experience possible for our valued clients.

If I book for 2 people, how can I ensure we are paired together?

Most of our guests book in quantities of 2. As long as you redeem or book on the same experience date and time, we always ensure that pairs, couples or friends will be paired together.


What are the requirements?

Drivers must be 21 years or older with a valid G license, Int’l license or any valid drivers license from another country. There is a small pre-authorized security deposit that is fully refundable of $2500 per person on a Visa or MasterCard. This is not a charge, but simply a security and safety measure as our fleet is in excellent condition. Passengers not driving do not need a license or deposit.

When are the experiences?

Ultimate VIP Events are from 9am-3:30pm on most days. We run the events 7 days a week from late April to November 15th each season. Most Saturday and Sunday options sell out very fast! All reservations are first come first serve with your prepaid voucher or by booking online.


What is the weather policy?

Weather Policy: All experiences will run rain or shine. If there is a condition that is deemed a threat to safety by Ultimate Exotics, another date will be provided. All the cars are equipped with performance tires for wet and dry conditions. Most of the time the forecasts are very inaccurate. The weather man is the only person who can be wrong over 75% of the time and still have a job!

How long is the experience?

Our Ultimate VIP Experiences is actually 6.5 hours in length. We have most weekends reserved exclusively for our VIP Excursions. This does not mean that we don't do VIP Corporate or Group events during the week, but our weekend days book quick, so Group events can be a great solution.

I want to purchase, what should I do?

Now that you’re ready, awesome! Simply click on the Book Now or Buy Gift button and follow the simple steps if you are ready to book or buy today.

If you would like to surprise someone with a gift, simply click the buy gift or gift packages button and follow the prompts. You will get the option to email the gift certificate to yourself to keep it a surprise or the recipient in case of a last minute gift. You can also upload your own image with our modern website software and select the option for us to mail you a gift package.

Our gift packages include the link and information for the recipient to book at their convenience to keep it as easy as possible.

I have a group, how does that work?

If you organize a group event of 10+ you qualify for corporate packages with exclusive luxury options, priority one on one event planning and much more. We specialize in group and corporate events big and small with many great long term relationships. Consider turning up the dial on your next event with one that will impress and wow your guests!

What happens if the date doesn't fill up?

Under the circumstance your reserved date does not fully sell out, we will still run the event with as few as 3 cars! Nobody comes close to this level of service!

Because we own our exotic car fleet, you will always have the cars specified for your experience.

How many other drivers will be on the experience?

These experiences can accommodate up to 12 drivers. Every participant will always have equal opportunity to drive up to 6 cars depending on your specific event. If there are less than 6 booked for an event, we will still run the event and adjust the amount of cars to fit the group size.

Can I join the lunch, I'm not on the experience?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate anyone outside of our booked experiences.

What is the rescheduling and refund policy?

We are proud to offer a 30 day, full refund policy from original date of purchase on any experience. This must be for any experience not already redeemed or booked. 

Rescheduling Policy: Once a date has been chosen, you can reschedule 2 weeks prior to the date of the 6 HR VIP Experience. To reschedule, simply visit your booking confirmation and click on "view/change booking" which is an orange box near the bottom of your confirmation email.

Refund Policy: We offer a money back guarantee on all gift vouchers within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. After this period, all sales are final and not applicable for a refund as stated and agreed upon. Experiences can also be transferred to a friend or family member.

Due to Covid-19 we are going above and beyond and extending all valid vouchers, another 12 months free of charge.

I have an expired voucher, what can I do?

Dollar value vouchers to not expire. Experience vouchers are valid for 2 years from date of purchase. To keep raising the bar, we decided to offer a 30% fee on any expired vouchers as we want you to come out and have a great time!

Due to limited weather and supercars, our experiences are very rare and we can only sell a specific amount per season. If you cannot book your event within 2 years, they are transferable.

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