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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions for our Corporate and Group Experiences

If you don’t find an answer below or in each of our categories, please feel free to call one of our professional representatives. We love helping our customers!

Why Ultimate Exotics?

Ultimate Exotics has extensive experience running unforgettable group and corporate events that give your guests the ultimate adrenaline rush! With a variety of pre-planned experiences available, all of our events can be custom tailored to suit your group’s needs. Located between Toronto and world-famous Niagara Falls, we allow drivers of all levels and experience to drive our jaw-dropping fleet of supercars with professional coaching from our staff. Ultimate Exotics can host groups of up to 300 people. Ultimate Exotics has a wide variety of solutions for meetings and presentations to go along with your custom tailored event. Our Stoney Creek office, track office and lunch destinations all include adequate meeting rooms with wifi, projectors and climate control to make an extraordinary event. 

Are the cars automatic or manual?

All cars can be set to fully F1 paddle shift or fully automatic. In the exotic car world, manual transmissions are considered an outdated technology. If you have ever driven a true paddle shift on a supercar you will totally get it!

I want to book a private date for my team, what should I do?

Awesome, simply call one of our managers and we will be happy to review all of the dates available. We will make the booking process simple and be able to recommend an option to suit your group size and budget.

What are the requirements?

Drivers must be 21 years or older with a valid G license, Int’l license or any valid drivers license from another country. There is a small pre-authorized security deposit that is fully refundable of $2500 per person on a Visa or MasterCard. For corporate events, we can adjust the deposit to a smaller deposit on one card with the organizer to keep it simple.

I want to purchase, what should I do?

You made the right choice with Ultimate Exotics. Please call us right away and we will be able to go over the dates, packages and pricing quickly to book in your group/corporate event. 

Do I get to drive all the cars?

YES, you can custom tailor an experience with many cars or use one of our 3 or 6 HR Turn Key Experiences that we have tailored for group and corporate events.

The Ferarri is my favourite, will I get to drive it?

We reserve the right to substitute cars under circumstances beyond our control. In the rare event, a specific car may be unavailable due to maintenance or damage which we cannot predict. Ultimate Exotics has a fleet of exotics and will always make it our priority to ensure the best experience possible for our valued clients.

How fast can we drive?

All of our experiences offer a brisk pace.   We will always do our best to guarantee an unforgettable event while maintaining a safe environment. We will also have a detailed safety debriefing to ensure the entire experience is safe and worry free!

I have a group, can we get a deal?

YES, if you organize a group event of 10+ you qualify for corporate rates. We specialize in corporate events and offer an event that is exclusive with many luxury inclusions to leave a lasting impression.

How long is the experience?

We have a few turn key events that can range from 2-6 hours to a multi day event.

When are the experiences?

Our group and corporate events usually operate from mid April to mid November. Most of our current clients prefer the weekdays on their events with minimal traffic and generally less busy than weekends.


What happens if some of my team doesn't show up?

Business can be very busy and we understand somethings happen last minute. We can usually customize the event or offer more drive time per individual. Any booked group event date is final and cannot be cancelled. We cannot offer any refunds for guests that do not arrive on a blocked off event.

What happens if it rains?

If the weather is not perfect, the event will continue. If there is a condition that is deemed a threat to safety by Ultimate Exotics, another date will be provided free of charge. All the cars are equipped with performance tires for wet and dry conditions.

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