Zero to 60mph in, holy #$%!.

The Most Affordable Driving Experience in an Exotic Car


Our 30-Minute exotic car experiences are the most affordable option available for getting car enthusiasts in a supercar for half an hour at a fraction of the regular rental rates. With this package, you will drive select exotic cars through the countryside, on mountain roads and highways. This is not an on-track experience. Fun Fact: 3 laps on the track usually lasts 4 minutes. The 30-Minute Experience is based on time, so you get much more time behind the wheel for a fraction of the price!

Exotic car dealerships will not let you test drive an exotic car. This experience is a great way to scratch the itch that has you wanting to feel what 0-60 in under 4 seconds looks like. If you want to share the experience, bring a passenger for only $99! With this upgrade, there will be no employees in the car while you drive.

Is the 30-Minute Experience on the track? The 30-Minute Experience is on the highway or paved roadway you prefer. This gives you the exciting opportunity to open the car up exiting the on-ramps, highways or head towards the winding roadway areas on the escarpment!

When do they take place? All half-hour experiences start at our main location ( 590 South Service Rd. Stoney Creek ) and are strictly available on Mon-Thurs during business hours (9am-5pm) based on availability. Weekends, holidays and after hours are not available for this option and are reserved for our VIP Experiences and Group Events. If you would like the car for a longer period or weekends, see our 3-hour, or 5-Hour VIP Experiences.

Can I bring a passenger? Yes! For an additional $99 you can bring a passenger with you to enjoy the experience at a fraction of the price. There will be no employees in the car for this upgrade! Please let us know in advance about adding this upgrade when completing your reservation.


Save up to 50% off all 30 min experiences

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The 30 minute experience fleet:

Take a half-hour, 4-seconds at a time

Everyone should feel what it’s like to tame 600 horses. Our 30-Minute exotic car experience allows you to drive the supercar of your choice through the beautiful countryside, or any other paved roadway you choose. Ultimate Exotics provides an unparalleled, unbeatable experience with clean, mint condition supercars. The most affordable option available also offers the most value in a supercar experience. Share the experience with a passenger for a small upgrade of $99!
The 30-Minute experience is ideal for someone who simply can’t live without getting behind the wheel of a rocket on tires. Your experience will start with registration, followed by a tutorial on the supercar you’ve chosen. Your professional instructors will take you through that specific car’s performance abilities, handling features and go through the all the safety rules while highlighting some driving tips. Now that you’re ready, it’s “start your engines” time. Ultimate Exotics will recommend a number of route options, or you can select your own – just make sure they’re paved! 30-minutes of bliss can last a lifetime, but if you were looking for a little longer or a few more cars to try, our 3-Hour Experience might be the answer.

The Ultimate Exotics Experience

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