Questions and answers to all of our most common questions

Is the Half Hour Experience on the track?

All the half hour experiences are completed on the twisty backroads, hills, escarpments and highways to feel the cars performance for great value. The only experience available on the track are track day experiences.

Can a friend or family member ride with me?

YES, with a small upgrade of $60 you can bring a passenger and get the exotic car to yourself. You can also purchase a custom USB lanyard to record the experience for $40 (the 2 GB custom USB is $40 alone) Please let us know about the passenger upgrade when completing your reservation.

Do I get to drive the car?

YES all half hour experiences are with the participant behind the wheel unless they prefer an employee to drive and they can ride along as a passenger.

Where do they start?

ALL test drives start at our location.

590 South Service Road, Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 2W1.

When are the 30 & 60 Minute Experiences?

We run all 30 & 60 Minute experiences throughout our entire season. Our season is late April to Oct 31st on average. They can be booked from 9-4:30 pm on Monday to Thursday, excluding holidays.  We specialize in our 5 HR VIP Experiences and Rentals on Friday, Saturday, Sundays.  If there is a third party voucher/promotion, those specific half hour experiences may expire on June 30th as per the vouchers details and fine print.  If the half hour experiences are sold on our online store through Ultimate Exotics, they will be valid for that entire season.

I have a 3rd party voucher, how do I book?

Please e mail us the voucher ID#, exotic car choice, contact information and two dates of preference. We will verify the voucher and availability for the date/time and car. Once this has been verified we will email booking confirmation.

Can I upgrade to the 5 HR VIP Experience?

YES, we can credit the paid value of your half hour experience towards the 5 HR VIP Experience. This is a popular upgrade to our #1 seller and it also rated #1 on Trip Advisor!

Can I bring a passenger?

Yes, we have a passenger upgrade option which allows you to bring a passenger along for the experience or for you to drive along without an instructor. You can simply purchase this upgrade on our online store.

This is usually $60 to upgrade for most 30 min experiences and $99 for most 60 min experiences.

This is similar to a short term rental which also adjusts the security deposit to $5000 pre authorization on a Visa or Mastercard and includes a rental agreement.

Can we take pictures?

YES, most participants take many photos of their experience. We can help at any time.

Are the cars automatic?

YES, They all have options for fully automatic or F1 paddle shift.

What are the requirements?

Drivers must be 21 or older with a valid G license. There is a refundable $500 security deposit due before with a Visa or MasterCard. Taxes are not included on any gift cards/certificates and will be due before the test drive.

Can I upgrade to a 1 HR Experience?

YES, please let us know when booking your date so we can schedule the extra time. All of the questions, answers, policies are the exact same for the 1 HR Experience but with double the driving time!

What is the half hour experience policy?

Once you have booked your half hour experience, you will receive e mail confirmation. All booked half hour experiences have no cancellations and are final. If you cannot make the date, feel free to transfer it to another person.

All half hour experiences run from late April to November on Monday to Thursdays, subject to availability. If you purchased through a third party, availability is subject to terms and fine print as specified. There are no half hour experiences available on weekends. Half hour experiences also run in rain or shine. Our cars are equipped with performance all season tires.

Additional passengers are not available as an instructor is beside the driver for tutorials and exciting driving tips.

All drivers must be 21 or older with a valid G license, provide a security deposit and also sign a test drive agreement with all terms and conditions.

All half hour experiences are completed with an employee in the passenger seat for safe vehicle operation and driving tips for an exciting experience. We reserve the right to substitute cars due to maintenance.

Anything else I should know?

Please be on time, there are no cancellations. We book hundreds of half hour experiences on a strict schedule and block off the cars for your appointment. If you booked in advance and need to reschedule, please notify us 3 weeks in advance. If you cannot make it they are fully transferable for a friend/family member.